Harry Styles’ latest record “Harry’s House” may be his most vulnerable album to date. In an interview with Better Home & Gardens on April 26, Stiles explained that his intention was to create a body of work that he and his friends and family could truly be proud of, and instead of worrying about creating “really great songs”, his main goal during the recording was just to have fun. Because of this Stiles said Apple Music in a May 16 interview his “favorite thing” about “Harry’s House” is that the album “just feels the most to me”.

One of the things that makes the album so special is that it has a lot of clever Easter eggs. Some refer to Stiles ’past songs and relationships, while others include hidden details in the song itself that are easy to miss if you’re not looking for them. Scroll through the slideshow to see the biggest Easter eggs in the House of Harry.

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