On June 5 in Ocale, Florida, a van with 17 dogs was involved in a car accident, and the police department took an extra step by booking them in a hotel room.

Photo by the Ocala Police Department

The accident involving 17 dogs took a surprising turn when police officers decided to order frightened dogs to a good hotel for the night.

It happened around 2am early Sunday, June 5, at the intersection of South Pine Avenue and Southwest Fort King Street in Ocale, about 80 miles northwest of Orlando.

“The van was a dog transport and delivered several dogs in kennels of all sizes to different owners across the United States,” said a press release from the Ocala Police Department.

“The van was inoperable due to damage and the transporter’s drivers had no other mode of transport. … A plan has been developed. “

In the following hours, the “northern shift” of the department was able to find a hotel where there was enough space for drivers and 17 dogs.

“Next, a convoy of patrol cars was assembled, including our ambulance for the negotiators, to safely take them all to a local hotel until they can purchase vehicles the next day,” the department said.

“None of the participants in the accident were seriously injured, and all the dogs seem to be fine.”

The photo shows how the dogs arrived by ambulance before being taken to their room on luggage racks.

It is unclear whether they were also allowed to order room service.

The transport service was controlled by Retro K9, and the company thanked police on Facebook along with a note saying the dogs at the hotel were safe.

Police did not say who was paying the hotel bill, but a fundraiser was launched late Sunday night to help the company cover “unforeseen expenses” for the company.

Thousands of people responded and commented on social media reports of the incident, with many praising the officers for having gone the extra mile.

“Wow, tears in my eyes” Melissa Smyers published.

“It’s the best I’ve read in a long time!” Wendy Nelson wrote.

“Great job of non-standard thinking” Kristen Dreyer said.

This story was originally published June 6, 2022 08:07.

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