TAMPA, FL – Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) on Thursday released a nationwide poll showing that 64% of Florida residents support the Biden administration’s recent decision extend the student loan repayment pause.

“It’s a choice for people to decide if they want to go to college, and a lot of people will take out loans. I think it was a very timely question that needed to be asked, ”said USF Deputy Director for Library Development Christina Stevens.

Most would also support a $ 10,000 loan forgiveness for all borrowers.

“Very sharp party disagreements over one-time loan forgiveness,” Stevens said.

Fewer Florida residents have expressed support for the federal government, which is donating $ 50,000 by 55%.

On Tuesday, the Department of Education announced it was giving Americans a better chance of writing off debt as soon as possible. He waives the rules of income-based repayment plans.

Income-based plans limit the amount borrowers are required to repay and forgive the balance after a specified number of years.

Under this one-time waiver, people who have spent at least 20 or 25 years to repay will be automatically granted federal loans.

Others will receive credit for the months in which their loan was in repayment status, toward forgiveness based on income, regardless of how much they paid, type of loan, repayment plan or if they were overdue (not in default) on debt.

You do not need to be currently registered in the income plan to benefit from the waiver. If the borrower later joins the plans, all payments he has already made will be credited.

The department expects the waiver to give 3.6 million people at least three years of additional credit. The changes will be applied automatically, but will not be reflected in the bills until the fall.


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