Photo courtesy of Miami Mining Co.

Miami Mining Co.

Yanni Mora, Bruegel Leyva, and Gigi Gomez are all about finding travel gems, and they wanted Miamians to be able to do the same in Miami Mining Co. Look for quartz, pyrite, amethyst, aventurine, obsidian, rose quartz, and more as you sift through the screen. The team also offers mining buckets for home mining, as well as an online store for crystal, fossil, mineral and gemstone jewelry.

Photo courtesy of OCISLY
Photo courtesy of OCISLY

They left

Tap into your inner Demi Moore with Ghost in They left (Of Course I Still Love You) is located in the backyard of Wynwood’s Casa Mida creative space. Cristina Hermida founded a ceramics studio with her partner after discovering art during quarantine. “It gives you a chance to play with clay and get dirty,” she says. Named after Elon Musk’s drone ship, the studio offers classes for beginners as well as hen and birthday parties. Check out their calendar for special events like Sonnets and Pottery, nude sculpture, and full moon pottery sessions.

Photo courtesy of Candle Land
Photo courtesy of Candle Land

The land of candles

If you have a candle for every occasion and mood, get your friends together to make your own The land of candles. Located in Wynwood and Coral Gables, the Instagram-friendly studio offers guests everything from a rainbow of candle vessels, more than a dozen scents, soy candle wax, dried flowers and glitter to boot. Pop in for your next birthday party or dinner, or the next time you and your pack are looking for something creative.

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