When your watchlist starts to run out, Netflix always supports you. Streaming platform constantly downloads new content in each genreso you never run out of exciting new choices to drink. If you love learning about different places, cultures or new topics you’ve never thought of exploring, the Netflix documentary series may be perfect for you.

If you have Netflix at your disposal, you no longer need to catch documents when they are broadcast on TV, or risk feeling on the sidelines with friends who love knowledge, because the streaming platform has an exciting library of new documentaries to help you explore our world every month. Whether the content was first shown on television or in a movie theater, or is part of a collection of original Netflix documentaries, you will experience both educational and enjoyable experiences. From documentaries on climate change about celebrities office fascinating mysteries of the real crimeyou will always find something that will catch your attention.

The line of Netflix documentaries for 2022 includes interesting documents that touch on food, parties and more. If you’re having trouble choosing your next educational binge, check out the latest documentaries you can watch on Netflix in 2022.

– Additional reports by Amanda Pral and Stacey Nguyen

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