One teenager from southwest Florida is close to visiting every national park in the United States, and he shares his adventures on Youtube so everyone can see. He has also published several books on his travels.

17-year-old Eric Feichtaler has visited all 50 states. But what sets him apart is that he has visited 61 of the 63 national parks. And he made it easier for you to take part in his adventures.

“I think everyone deserves the opportunity to see them and know what it’s like to go to them,” says Feichtaler.

Feichtaler, a junior at Oasis High School in Cape Coral, has a YouTube channel where he describes his trips to the national parks he has visited and gives advice.

“With these videos, I realized that maybe people would like to see it and hear my thoughts and experiences about national parks,” says Feichtaler.

Go to youtube and find “National Park Wild”, the so-called Eric’s channel, which already has more than 1,800 subscribers. He also kept diaries of his experiences and put them all in a book and published. It all started in 2015 when his family went on a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

“There was so much diversity in the landscapes and wildlife,” Feichtaler says. “And that’s what made me realize how beautiful the parks are. And after that I visited most of them. ”

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