WINK News has received many messages asking about the Rotunda and how the region is faring after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida.

WINK News saw a house owned by a 96-year-old man whose entire roof had been ripped off the building.

“We said, Dad … there’s … nothing left,” said Terry Keevan, a Rotunda resident.

Family, a term that perhaps has more meaning to Kivan than before. If Kiwan’s 96-year-old father was in the house when Ian landed, something terrible may have happened.

“The whole roof is gone,” Keevan said.

Kivan’s father lived in the house for 15 years, then Ian suddenly stopped it.

“Saw the back and the damage that was done … and uh … kind of had to close the door and process it all,” Keevan said.

Charlotte County is still under a boil water advisory, and the frustration of Rotunda residents is bubbling to the surface.

“It’s all about Fort Myers, Sarasota, Fort Myers Beach … Not once have I heard anybody say anything about Rotunda West or Englewood,” said a Kiwana neighbor who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Keevan and her neighbor clean up the mess themselves.

“He is resilient. He says he wants to rebuild,” Kivan said. “And so now we’re trying to do some sort of cleanup. We will be grateful for any help that can be offered to us.”