There is a case of monkeypox in Broward County.

According to the Florida-Broward Department of Health, the case involves international travel. Infected remains isolated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has joined DOH-Broward in conducting epidemiological investigations to report possible impacts.

No additional cases have been identified so far.

Prevention and treatment

If you got the smallpox vaccine, you probably have cross-protection against monkeypox.

Healthcare professionals are asked to contact the local health department if they suspect there is monkeypox.

Because human-to-human transmission usually requires prolonged face-to-face contact or direct contact, the risk of infection remains low.

The president’s response

On Sunday, President Joe Biden was asked about his level of concern about the spread of monkeypox.

“Well, [the health advisors] hasn’t told me about the impact level yet, but that’s something everyone should be concerned about. We are working hard to find out what we are doing and what vaccine, if any, may be available for this, ”he said. “But it is a concern that if it spreads, it will work. But that’s all they told me. “

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