A small portion of the protection for tenants in Collier County is not working. Collier County leaders have not passed the 60-day notice rule, which would require landlords to notify tenants before price increases.

Once again, the residents of Collier County conveyed their concerns about the rising cost of rent directly to the commissioners.

“We have older people sleeping in their cars in Walmart car parks, because the best advice we can give them is to leave the county because you’re better off somewhere than here,” said one speaker.

on the topic: Collier County leaders want landlords to warn more before raising rents

“The backbone of this community is breaking. You lose your workforce every day, ”said another man, expressing his concern to the commissioners.

The commissioners were not moved by the public’s requests. They vetoed a revised decree requiring landlords to warn tenants 60 days if rents increase by more than 5%.

“It doesn’t fly with me. I would rather spend our time, money and energy on getting our federal programs to help people who really need help, ”said Collier County Commissioner William McDaniel.

Proponents say people need time to find a new home they can afford, but landlords say they are also experiencing difficulties.

“It’s come to the point that inflation is so insane,” said Warren L. Nierges, who owns several properties in southwest Florida.

Nyerges owns rental property. He said his rent is increasing because of shadow costs, repairs and taxes.

“We’re just ordinary guys who own things and rent them out, and they’ve tried to crush us, and it can’t be done. If it passed, I would predict that rental rates would be even higher to predict costs, ”Nierges said.

One of the leaders of the Collier County Tenants Union said she was not surprised by the vote against. She said she would continue to fight for the tenants who are struggling.

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