The duo, who pretends to be pest control workers, could be charged with criminal theft at Cape Coral.

Masha Nash, who has been targeted by thieves, says they have lost jewelry worth between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000. She said she felt horrible, that she trusted them, and even worse, that valuable family heirlooms had been stolen from her apartment.

“I feel a little silly at times when I think about missing them,” Nash says.

Nash blames himself for letting the suspected thieves into his home. Also adding that they were disguised as pest control workers.

“That said, our association changed the pest control campaign and they were knocking on everyone’s door,” Nash says.

Police warn of such thefts, saying one person usually abducts a person living in the house and another steals money or jewelry.

“I watch her in the kitchen,” Nash says. “And suddenly I look up and see that the bedroom door is closed.”

Nash went into her bedroom and saw a man in her bathroom pretending to be sprayed under the sink. Nash knew something was wrong when they went and sat in this black SUV that didn’t have a logo or company name on it.

She later realized that her priceless relics were missing.

“I also feel a sentimental commitment to the values ​​I had,” Nash explained. “Some of them were my mother’s, and I was certainly going to pass it on to my children.”

Cape Coral Police wants to remind you to always call your homeowners association or the company that provides the service before letting them in to make sure they are who they say they are. And you can always call the police number without an ambulance to check on the person coming through your door.

Brandon Sancho, a public relations officer with the Cape Coral Police Department, says: “We will come to the scene and hold this man, we will make sure he is actually from this campaign. And if not, they will probably leave before we get there. “

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