A foundation laying ceremony for the Global Gateway facility at TLH took place in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida (WTXL) – Tallahassee International Airport officially launched a new Global Gateway project on Tuesday.

The $ 28 million project is part of the Tallahassee city’s 5-year infrastructure improvement plan.

David Pollard, director of aviation at TLH, says he is delighted with the positive economic repercussions that the project will bring.

“I really hope that as we continue to move forward, the economic impact of this project alone over the next ten years will lead to more than $ 300 million in economic impact for this community and this region. It will also help provide more than 1,600 jobs for this community. “,” Pollard said.

The facility will allow you to send and receive goods to destinations around the world in TLH, as well as operate international flights.

The global gateway is expected to open for maintenance in 2024.

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