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A hearing is scheduled for Thursday to discuss the proposed $ 83 million settlement for those who lost their homes and all their belongings as a result of the collapse of the Surfside building.

But so far some of the survivors are surviving thanks to the generosity of their own neighbors, who say they have not been forgotten.

“We are here to be more helpful,” said Rabbi Sholam Lipskar of Shula of Ball Harbor. “The door is always open here.”

Schul from Ball Harbor, in partnership with the Empowerment Mission, has provided rental assistance worth about $ 120,000 to survivors of the Champlain Towers tragedy.

GEM founder Michael Caponi joined the event virtually because he is now in Slovakia, helping refugees during the war in Ukraine.

“Even though we are involved in the Ukrainian crisis and missions around the world, we will never forget our backyard,” said Kimberly Bentley, director of ground operations for the Global Empowerment Mission.

The newly elected mayor of Surfside, Shlomo Danzinger, said his administration is focused on helping the survivors and honoring the victims.

“Families who have lost everything are still in our minds. The Torah compares the one who lost everything to the one who died, ”Mayor Danzinger said. “Fortunately, this is not the case. But we still support you and do everything we can. “

People like Eric Zion and Daniela Silva say they appreciate that support.

“Actually it’s a more psychological aspect. They are here for you to listen to what you have to say. They are really amazing people. Who can you rely on, ”Zion said.

“I am very grateful that we are still receiving help from The Shul and GEM,” Silva added.

Silva says she received $ 5,500 to cover some costs while they are still awaiting a possible legal settlement.

“Now the rent in Miami is insane. We still have to pay the bills plus the rent. We do not yet know what will happen to the construction situation. As soon as everything is resolved, we will move on, but we are not there yet, ”Silva said. “Tomorrow is the trial and it will be a big day. I hope that for us, the survivors, everything will improve. So far we are not recognized as survivors, just an economic loss.

Surfside City leaders are holding a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the upcoming memorial and plaques in honor of the victims at the site.

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