Police need your help in finding the man who, they say, stole gold necklaces for thousands of dollars. The accused thief is fleeing after he allegedly robbed a store in a mall in Naples before it was closed.

To be precise, jewelry is $ 100,000. That’s how much Naples police say the man is gone in gold necklaces. Now they need your help to find it.

Security and safety specialist WINK News Rich Kolka says it is surprising that someone accidentally decided to steal such valuables. “You didn’t just decide to go to the store and rip off $ 100,000 worth of jewelry,” Kolka said.

But that is exactly what happened on Saturday. “One can hear that some people call it a crime of opportunity. It may be a planning crime, ”Kolka said.

The robbery took place in Naples at the Prestige Jewelers, located in the Coastland Mall. There were about 15 minutes left before closing.

The owner of the store went to the toilet. But as soon as he did, he heard the scream of an employee. “Jewelry stores or other stores that carry valuables can start cleaning up a little before the end of the working day,” Kolka said.

The pictures show how the thief captured as many necklaces as he could get his hands on. Kolko says he knew which ones to focus on. “He knew exactly what to go there and grab, now he has valuable jewelry that he can take and sell elsewhere, or even if he just wants to get rid of them quickly and cheaply, sell them to someone who will melt them.” He said.

How many believe that the notch could have been in advance. “Whether he was there before shopping, went in with someone else, they watched there. If he was in the mall, there will be a lot of security cameras, ”Kolka said.

The man was able to get out through the service door near JCPenney. If you recognize the person in the pictures, you should contact the Naples police.

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