The bird was found locked in the car for hours, and Collier County lawmakers say Sean Wilder locked the bird in the car.

The bird was found inside a car at Dr. Mission Hills on Friday afternoon. The multicolored coral bird was reportedly suffocating and the bird’s feathers were fluffy. Karela also seemed to be stepping back and forth on one of the perches in her cage.

Collier County MPs checked the bird after someone reported that it had been sitting in the car for some time.

The deputies eventually spoke to the owner of the car, later identified as Wilder.

According to the report, deputies at the scene asked Wilder if he would leave the child in a closed car with raised windows in the heat of Florida. His answer was “No”.

WINK News journalist Michelle Alvarez spoke with Brian Wierma, public relations coordinator for The Gulf Coast Humane Society. They said more and more people are coming forward when they see animals in danger.

Virma says, “People are increasingly reporting this, they are the voice of the voiceless. And that’s really true, it helps you know I want people not to treat their pets and animals that way. You know, unfortunately, we talk about it again. So this is still happening. But, you know, I think people who know and they’ll report it, or you know, do something for these animals, because again, it’s not their choice to linger, you make the choice for them . ”

Due to the nature of the incident, pet services were called. It was reported that the birds are indeed in danger. Coral was taken away by the DAS, and Wilder was taken to a prison in Naples.

The bird has been examined by a veterinarian and remains in the DAS.

The temperature outside at that time was 93 degrees. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the temperature in the cabin of the two nearby cars was 123 and 121 degrees.

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