One debate that never gets old is which city has the best food. In a new study, the top 20 neighborhoods that made the list of cities with the best food might surprise you.

In accordance with Wallethubboot (Louisiana) nor MS made the top 20 best food, as many in the online conversation suggest.

First place is Portland, Oregon; number 5 is Austin, Texas and Las Vegas is number 9. Portland, Maine is number 17, New York is number 18, Charleston, South Carolina is number 19 and Oakland, California is number 20.

Even Los Angeles made the list, coming in at number 15.

According to a press release, “over 180 of the largest US cities across 29 key metrics. The dataset ranges from availability and accessibility of high-end restaurants to food festivals per capita to craft breweries and wineries per capita.”

New Orleans ranks 147th, while Gulfport, Mississippi is 172nd on the list.

Additionally, Orlando, Florida has the most restaurants per square root of population, as well as the most ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.

Here is the full list of cities that made the top 20. What do you think?

Top 20 Foodie Cities in America
1. Portland, Oregon 11. Denver, Colorado
2. Orlando, Florida 12. Chicago, Illinois
3. Miami, Florida 13. Washington, DC
4. San Francisco, California 14. Atlanta, Georgia
5. Austin, Texas 15. Los Angeles, California
6. Sacramento, California 16. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7. Seattle, Washington 17. Portland, Maine
8. Tampa, Florida 18. New York, New York
9. Las Vegas, Nevada 19. Charleston, South Carolina
10. San Diego, California 20. Oakland, California