LI County

Protesters gathered near the Lee County Courthouse and across the country to unite both sides for the right to abortion.

Amanda Peterson, organizer of the SWFL red cloaks, says: “We are here to ensure equality and women’s choice for all.”

Rick Carter, a proponent of abortion, says: “We are here because we believe that one person kills another person – it’s evil.”

There are two sides to the controversial issue.

“We thought when it passed, when the caviar passed in 1973, that we were done,” says Deborah Hopkins, a member of SWFL Red Cloaks. “So we’re here and we’re angry that we’re here again.”

The demonstrations are a direct response to a leaked draft Supreme Court ruling that may signal Row Wade’s termination.

“It’s just the evil of our age, I don’t know how to say it,” says Rick Carter. “People are killing other people, and that’s wrong.”

Peterson, a member of SWFL’s red cloaks, says, “We are silent, unresponsive, and we don’t wear these cloaks in honor, we wear these cloaks as a threat. This is a threat to the future, where women do not have the right to vote over their bodies, and pregnancy is forced and childbirth is forced.

If the Supreme Court eventually overturns Rowe W. Wade, it doesn’t mean abortion becomes illegal. Florida law now allows abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy. July 1, this period is changed to 15 weeks.

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