TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) — Triple A estimates 3.39 million Americans will board a plane and 37.1 million will drive a car this Memorial Day weekend. Officials at Tallahassee International Airport also expect a busy weekend.

TLH Deputy Aviation Director Jim Darwin said Thursday and Friday would be the busiest days.

“This year, we anticipate our Memorial Day numbers to be close to or possibly higher than what we saw in 2019,” Durwin said. “We’re looking forward to a busy few days here at Tallahassee International Airport.”

With Triple A estimating that a record 42 million Americans will travel this year, Darwin said passenger numbers are expected to increase.

This trend continues from previous months, with TLH carrying just 3,000 fewer passengers in April than in the same period in 2019.

Something Durwin says is prepared by TLH.

“We’re definitely ready and excited,” Darwin said. “We appreciate the choice to use Tallahassee International Airport.

Not everyone goes up in the air. Many people are getting into their cars this weekend to take advantage of the savings. The average price of gas in the state is $3.37, which is $1.20 lower than this time last year.

The cheapest prices for Big Bend are in Gadsden County at $3.27. The most expensive in the area is in Wakula County – $3.44.

“An old pocketbook doesn’t hurt that much,” said traveler Brian Keyes.

Money is one of the reasons the Keys family came to Disney World from Louisiana, stopping at the beach for the weekend.

Brian Case said the traffic is better than he expected.

“The road and traffic is not too bad. Just a few small accidents. Nice, good roads,” Cazes said.

According to Triple A, the best time to leave before the holiday weekend is Friday morning to noon. Triple A also recommends returning by 10 a.m. Monday or 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Whether you’re getting on a plane or in a car, Darwin said you need to be prepared for the journey.

“I can’t say you have to get to the airport early,” Darwin said. “I recommend doing this two hours in advance and visiting the TSA website for helpful travel tips.”

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