People in Erie, Colorado, continue to take selfies with moose.


At least three people have been attacked by moose in Colorado this summer – but people are still trying take selfies with them.

Police in one state city are asking people to stop.

“Please keep a safe distance (beyond what you think is safe) if you encounter a moose,” Erie’s police department said on Facebook. “Please, please stop trying to take selfies with wildlife.”

Moose attacks in Colorado are on the rise, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They are protected animals and will defend their territory and their young.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has known about at least 15 elk conflicts since 2013, when people were injured. Dogs have been involved in almost all of these conflicts, wildlife officials said.

This summer, at least three people were attacked by moose.

On Wednesday, June 8, the deputy sheriff shot the moose after he attacked two people and a dog. The 31-year-old man was seriously injured in the attack, McClatchy News reports.

There was also a woman trampled by moose on Thursday, May 26, as she ran down the trail near Breckenridge, officials said.

“The runner was focused on the trail and looking at his feet,” said in a press release the district head of wildlife Jacob Kay. “When she looked up, she saw a moose, which immediately rushed at her and eventually trampled.”

If someone meets a moose, he should give it a place to leave, say Colorado Parks and Wildlife. People should not try to obscure the moose to get out of the way.

“It is not only dangerous, but it is also considered harassment and illegal,” officials said. “When Fr. the moose has delayed earsshoveling the ground, licking your snout or changing direction to turn towards you, you are too close and you need to retreat ”.

Maddie Kapron is a real-time news reporter for McClachy, focusing on nature and wildlife in the western United States.

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