Find a bargain and support a good cause. After months of repairing damage from Hurricane Ian, the Options Shoppe is back open in Naples.

The thrift store on 2nd Avenue supports a shelter for abused women and children.

Buyers are invited to come back to catch up and see the renovations. All floors had to be replaced, as well as plasterboard.

Between repair costs and the shutdown, the store lost about $400,000.

“We opened on a Friday at 1 o’clock and from 1 to 5 we did enough than last year on the same day, so we were very busy and didn’t even send an email, we were open until late at night, so people flooded just word of mouth,” said Paul Kallenberg, manager of the Options Shoppe.

Options Shoppe has been closed for over three months. They are now seeking donations of furniture and designer goods for an upcoming fashion show.

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