Green Bay Packers defender Aaron Rodgers said he believes in the power of positive thinking, so negative comments from some teammates got under his skin after the amazing 27-22 losses yes New York Giants on Sunday.

When asked about Pack’s defensive struggles in the second half against the Giants, the star cornerback Jair Alexander said that it is not a concern yet.

“I’m not worried, but if we lose next week [against the New York Jets at Lambeau Field]then I will worry,” said Alexander. This is reported by ESPN. “But it’s a new situation for everyone. New circumstances, sleeping patterns. It’s quite an adjustment here in London.”

Rogers made it clear he didn’t want to hear that kind of chatter.

“Honestly, I don’t like all this talk about losing next week,” Rodgers told reporters. “I firmly believe in the power of speech and expression. And we have to test ourselves for that, because talking about it doesn’t win football. There was talk about it in the locker room and I don’t like it. Jah is my boyfriend, but we don’t need to talk like that.”

The star defenseman said he heard similar sentiments from other teammates.

The Packers led 20-10 at halftime, but struggled to move the ball in the second half. Meanwhile, the Giants went on three straight scoring drives (and tallied 207 yards in the process) to pull off the upset.

Green Bay fell to 3-2 on the season while New York improved to 4-1.

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