The teenager’s failed attempt to rob someone at gunpoint resulted in him being hospitalized and his mother accused of “improper supervision of a minor,” according to the sheriff’s parish sheriff.

Photo of the office of the sheriff of the parish of Tangipahoa

An unsuccessful attempt by a teenager to rob someone at gunpoint resulted in him being hospitalized and his mother accused of “Improper supervision of minors”, according to the sheriff of the parish of Tangipahoa.

The incident took place on Saturday, May 14, in Hammond, Louisiana, about 45 miles east of Batan Rouge, the sheriff’s office said in a press release.

Deputies who arrived found a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the chest, the sheriff’s office said.

“Detectives found that during the robbery between the (teenager) and the victim a fight broke out, which led to shootings,” – said officials.

The teen was taken to North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond for treatment. On May 23, he was released into custody at the sheriff’s office, officials said.

“Due to the gravity of the crime,” the teenager is charged as an adult, including “one count of armed robbery, one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of illegal possession of a weapon,” the sheriff’s office said. .

“In addition, his mother … was charged with improper supervision of a minor.”

Detectives did not specify why they decided to blame the 42-year-old mother of the teenager in this case.

Both mother and son live in Hammond, officials said. Photos published on the teen’s Facebook page show how he poses with a semi-automatic pistol and money.

The decision to blame the mother provoked hundreds of reactions from commentators on social media, some defending the mother and others thanking the sheriff’s office.

“It has to happen every time. Detention of the parents of a minor who committed these crimes. ” Vicki Tate posted on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page.

“We all raise our children, but we can’t be responsible for how they end up in this crazy … world.” Lakesh pines published.

“These parents must also be held accountable. … What they allow to happen is a big part of why these children turn out to be like that, ” Miranda Magee Willie wrote.

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