Approaching the 4th week NFL season, there are high expectations for several AFC West teams that have yet to make their mark this year.

On Friday, “First of all” co-presenter Chris Broussard discussed which two pairings the AFC West star coach desperately needs to win this week, starting with Davante Adams and Josh McDaniels.

The Las Vegas Raiders are one of two winless teams left in the NFL and will go 2-1 Denver this week (4:25 PM ET). Adams has 17 receptions, 189 receiving yards and three touchdowns on the year. But after a 4-0 preseason under new head coach Josh McDaniels, the Raiders are 0-3 in the regular season for the first time since 2018.

They never made the playoffs after starting the season with three straight losses.

“Raiders [have] worst record in the league, and Josh McDaniels — we all know he was a great offensive coordinator — but his head coaching career in Denver was bad … and now he’s 0-3 on the team that some people … picked to reach the Super Bowl. … Josh McDaniels might get hot if they lose this spot. … It’s possible Davante Adams could play out the rest of his career in relative, rather than complete, anonymity. If they’re not a good team and he’s not putting up the numbers he had Aaron Rodgersthis can happen.”

Broussard then focused on Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley from Los Angeles Chargers.

LA will face Houstonthe second of two winless teams in the NFL in Week 4 (1 p.m. ET). Through the first three weeks of the season, Herbert completed 66.1% of his passes for 910 yards, seven scores and two interceptions. Still, the Chargers haven’t made the postseason or finished a division-best third since Herbert arrived in 2020.

“I believe in this building, head coach Brandon Staley has the support,” Broussard said. “I don’t think he’s on the hot seat in the building, but outside the building – a lot of people are looking at all those questionable fourth downs they went for last year. [They] did not make the playoffs [last year]. The defense, which should have been a specialty, has deteriorated. And now, last week, everybody’s wondering, ‘Why do you leave your quarterback with broken ribs in a game when you’re down by 28 (points) with minutes left?’

“So outside of the building, I think the place is getting hot for Stelly. If [the Chargers] lose that, they’re 1-3 in a tough division.”

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