“This is BUD’s most stellar list yet!”

“first come first serve” the owner Chris Broussard Under Duress is back with another week of intense action.

Only three athletes highlight Broussard’s compilation this week, but each has enough stress to fill a group of five. Let’s get to know the men gracing Broussard’s countdown this time around.

Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers top Broussard’s list under duress

Ahead of Thursday Night Football’s Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson, Chris Broussard explains why they’re on the roster under duress this week.

3. Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Perspective: It’s a big year for Lamar Jackson. LJ8 is pretty much betting on itself, and while Baltimore got off to a sharp start under their dynamic QB, the team has struggled mightily in recent weeks. And Jackson has been at the center of it, throwing more interceptions than TDs over the past month and giving up a key fumble against Giants. Baltimore still has a great chance to gain ground in the AFC North, but the division is just as unforgiving. And Jackson has to be the savior for the Ravens if they want to redeem themselves.

Broussard’s thoughts: “It looked good a few weeks ago: Lamar made a bet on himself Aaron Judge. But it doesn’t work out like the judge’s. The last three games, Lamar has failed to complete even 60% of his assists in each game. He averaged 162 yards per game over the past four games. Three TDs, four INTs in those four games, and it’s not like he’s on fire running the ball. He hasn’t rushed for 100 yards in the past four weeks. So Lamar needs to step up. I believe in you Lamar. Let’s do it.”

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady

Perspective: Not even a roughing the passer call could save Tom Brady from the upset that Tampa inflicted in the recent 21-3 losses to Carolina. The Bucs offense was putrid in October, and while some fans were on edge when they heard the news of Brady returning to the gridiron last spring, he’s now making them wonder if he made the right decision. But if there’s one thing fans have learned about Brady during his career, it’s that he shouldn’t be counted out (just ask Falcons). Tampa still has plenty of time to turn things around, but Brady needs to take a hard look in the mirror to spark the changes he needs.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Yes, GOAT. He had never been under such scrutiny, perhaps ever. Certainly not after Deflategate. … I mean, he’s really under pressure. Many people [are] questioning him. Does he have any left? Is it washed? Is he in everything? Does he still have a locker room? … I believe Brady will get it. He always does that in these situations. He never lost five games in six weeks. I don’t think he will start now.”

1. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Perspective: Green Bay has a lot more questions than answers right now, but the biggest one centers around its enigmatic quarterback. The reigning league MVP certainly has plenty of skills left in his back pocket, but he has yet to consistently put them on display. There are several factors at work in this puzzle: a lack of experienced receivers, a lot of injury Randall Cobb, a disorganized O-line and a clear lack of cohesion between Rodgers and his linebacker. However, the focus is now on Rodgers and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Every time he talks, it’s like he’s got his foot in his mouth. He blamed everyone in Green Bay for this mess except the shareholders and himself… Now he said after losing three straight games — one of them to a terrible Washington team. with a second-string defender – who plays in Buffalo might be the best for the Packers. Now, since the BUD list is all about inspiration, motivation, and good vibes, I’m not going to say that Buffalo is going to destroy Green Bay. I’ll just say, good luck Aaron!”

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