“Transparent” graduate Alexandra Billings has announced her next project: she will be an executive producer and star in “Queen Tut,” a new indie film after an amazing Egyptian teenager who befriends a trans mother in Toronto.

The film will be directed by Egyptian-Canadian director Rome Morsi, and the screenplay was written by Brian Mark, Kawe Mahebi and Abdul Malik. It will be funded and partially produced Pictures of fairies, a production company with a mission to “decolonize Hollywood by creating cinematic content for queer, trance and BIPOC people,” according to their website. The company recently developed the film “Agnes in the frame”, which premiered in Sundance 2022.

The film is expected to go into production this summer in Toronto. “It’s a film about the family. About the chosen family and the birth of the family and the historical value of the queer revolution. The dialogue of generations is a spiritual experience, and each character resonates with a deep sense of beauty, strength and hope,” Billings said. lane Deadline. “It is a trans experience that is passed from one person to another. And whether this family is blood or this family is a divine intervention, if we are all part of the transfer of one experience one, humanity is flourishing. I am deeply honored to be a part of this. “

Producer Shant Joshi also expressed admiration for the project, saying: “I am very excited to take the next step with Alexandra, one who has tirelessly paved the way for queer and trans lives and constantly speaks words of kindness, love and wisdom to people around the world through her advocacy and her work on page, on stage and on screen. I feel honored to be able to work with her by telling this story of a young amazing brown boy who finds himself in the Toronto Underworld. ”

Read on to find out more about Queen Tut.

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