After the COVID-19 pandemic left shelves empty and in short supply, shoppers are now having their feathers ruffled by rising egg prices. Higher prices for such a kitchen staple can be particularly difficult because eggs aren’t a product that can be easily replaced. Instacart compared the average cost of a dozen eggs from December 2021 to December 2022 and found some price spikes across the country. , especially in Florida. Overall, the price Instacart customers spent on a dozen eggs was up 54% year-over-year. Top 5 states that spend the most per dozen eggs (Florida has the highest cost per dozen eggs in the continental US at an average of $6.36. Hawaii has the highest cost per dozen eggs at $9.73 per carton. ) Hawaii Average $9.73 (**up 53% from runner-up Florida**) Florida Average $6.36 Alabama Average $6.12 Nevada Average $6.07 California – an average of $6.05 The top 10 areas where Instacart customers spend – on average – the most per dozen eggs, along with year-over-year price increases: (Washington has the lowest rate of egg growth at 15% per Iowa has the largest increase in eggs at 153% year-over-year.) Southeast Florida (Miami) – $6.67 average/ +48% growth San Francisco Bay Area, CA – $6.27 average/ +18 % growthTampa, FL – $6.23 avg/ +60% growthOrlando, FL – $6.03 avg/65% growthPhoenix, AZ – $6.03 avg / 71% growthOrange County, CA – $6. 01 average/ +31% growthSan Diego, CA – $5.87 average/ +30% growthCharlotte, NC – $5.84 average/ +68% growth Nashville, TN – $5.63 average/ +60% growthPortland, Oregon – $4.93 average/ +13% growthInflation isn’t the only reason egg prices are rising: Eggs are currently more expensive due to a record outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu), which is mainly spread by migrating wild birds. The last time bird flu hit this hard was in 2015, when egg prices also soared. As inflation and bird flu begin to subside over the next year, egg consumers may finally be able to get some price relief.

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