Pete ButizigThe U.S. Secretary of Transportation and the first openly gay member of the U.S. administration, expressed concern that the Supreme Court’s expected repeal of a landmark 1973 decision that made abortion legal could mark the beginning of a series of elimination of other innovative rights and protections.

Earlier this month, a leaked document revealed that five Conservatives in the Supreme Court of nine judges had voted to overturn the decision of their predecessors in Rowe vs. Wade almost 50 years ago. An interim solution could lead to abortion being banned in more than half of U.S. states unless it is substantially changed before it becomes final.

Butygic said he was “very concerned” about the developments.
“It has been 50 years since we first had this structure – my whole life. Thus, if something as important as a woman’s right to decide on her own health care is revoked, any number of other rights and remedies may follow, ”he told the Guardian.

Butizig has been married since 2018, after coming out in 2015 when same-sex marriages were first legalized in the United States. He also served in the military on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” principle.

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Last year he was mocked by some right-wingers he took childcare leave after she and her husband became parents to the twins.

“The main question before us is whether we who have lived in the 2020s have survived to the point where we see a high level of rights and freedoms in this country, or whether we will actually renew our model to each generation. enjoyed more and not less rights and freedoms than in the past? ‘ he said.

A candidate for the election is protesting near the house of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh. Photo: Bonnie Cash / Getty Images

“This issue will be decided mainly in the Supreme Court this decade.”

Butidzic spoke of a new Florida law that bans the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school. criticize the “Don’t Tell Gays” bill..

“After all, it’s bad for the kids,” he said. “I think about what our children’s lives might be like when they go to school. If they were in a place like Floridait may prevent them from mentioning that they had a great time on the weekend with their parents. “

His husband Chesten said on Twitter that it was “killing children” and would make the state “a difficult place for LGBTQ children to survive”.

Ahead of his appointment as Secretary of Transportation, Butygieg recalled how, as a 17-year-old youth in Indiana, he watched on television how President Clinton nominated James Hormel as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg in 1998, only to have some Republicans in the Senate nominations because he was gay.

“I learned about some of the restrictions that exist in this country when it comes to who is allowed to belong,” he said in a speech. “But no less important is that I’ve seen how you can challenge those boundaries.”

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