On the face “Sunset for sale“this is a show about luxury real estate, but behind perfectly polished windows and carefully chosen decor are the real stars of the show – the ladies from The Oppenheim Group. The Cast “Selling Sunset”. during the five seasons of the series there have been known ups and downs, most recently as a result charges against Christine Quinn which threatened her with termination.

When the show premiered in 2019, the film crew – not counting the behind-the-scenes crew – consisted of Brett and Jason Oppenheim, co-founders of the agency; Quinn; Mary Fitzgerald; Maya Vander; Heather El Musa; Davina Potrats; and newcomer Crishel Staws, who spent most of the season proving himself to existing cast members. Between Quinn’s and Potrach’s scathing comments, tensions quickly rose among the cast.

In the second season, the crew was joined by Amanza Smith, a longtime friend of the brothers Appenheim and Fitzgerald, and in the fourth season – Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela. Chelsea Lascani in the fifth season. With each new cast came new plots – and new layers of drama – that made some friendships seem questionable at best, while others strengthened along the way.

Despite screen drama, the friendship of the actors is relatively strong when the cameras are not working. From Staus and El Musa, who are wrestling armwrestlers on the boat, to Fitzgerald, who is likely to cancel plans at the last minute of TikTok’s game with Staus and Hernan, Oppenheim’s social media accounts are mostly behind the scenes. membership of real estate agents.

See what the cast of “Selling Sunset” is doing behind the scenes.

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