The Philadelphia Eagles are the only undefeated team in football.

And because of that, plus the way they’ve come together on both sides of the pigskin, they’re ranked number one in FOX Sports Latest NFL Power Rankings.

But for now “Undisputed” co-presenter Shannon Sharp after agreeing to their league-leading roster, he refused to buy stock in the squad, claiming he needed to see more from Philly before he could express confidence in him.

Jalen Hurts, undefeated Eagles lead FOX Sports NFL power rankings through Week 4

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless preview the Eagles ahead of their Week 5 matchup with the Cardinals.

“They look really good,” Sharpe exclaimed on Wednesday’s show. “I think they’re the better overall team right now, offensively, defensively and special teams. [Their] the defender plays very well. Not the highest completion percentage, but they can play football. AJ Brown really opened the tutorial for Jalen Hurtsyou have DaVonta [Smith] on the one hand Ques Watkinsthey have a lot of receivers that can make plays for you. [Tight end] Dallas Goedertwhat a really good tight end.

“I love what Jalen is doing. He will have to keep it up. Four games is not enough for me. I remember when Patrick Mahomes won the MVP and lost in the playoffs and they were like, “Well, can he win the big game?” Let them sink: the man threw 5000 [yards], 50 TDs, lost in the championship game and didn’t touch the ball in overtime, and people still had questions. … Hurts will have to perform in the playoffs for me to be fully convinced. … I’m about a seven on a scale of 1 to 10 [when it comes to being sold on them].”

Skip Bayless goes all in on Philly

“I’ve been trying to tell you this all offseason,” he said. “You mocked me when I told you the Eagles were a little better than The Cowboys. … I look at Philly’s schedule — it’s pretty easy. I said, ‘They’re going to go 10-0,’ and that’s going to include beating my Cowboys at home on Sunday night … A lot of that is because of Jalen Hurts. There is no better leader, gamer, winner, playmaker than Jalen Hurts.

“Intangibly, he’s at the top of my list. But I knew going in, the first time I guessed it was the day they drafted him in the second round. I was like, ‘They just stole him.’ He will be better than Carson Wentz just because of its intangibles.” … Jalen Hurts is the face of the franchise leader. … He’s everything you could want intangibles in a quarterback, and this team fights for him and dies for him. When they fell behind 14-0 [against Jacksonville] they showed me something. … Jacksonville crumbled under pressure from Jalen Hurts. Look what Philly is doing. What is the most telling stat that decides the season? This is a plus or minus. They take the ball away, they took it back 10 times, but gave it back only twice.”

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