The a mass shooting that claimed more than 20 lives in Ulvad, Texas again left the cries of the American people. As authorities try to answer for everyone, the families of two 10-year-old girls are among those who fear their children may die because they are missing.

The Annabel Guadeloupe Rodriguez family told Fox News that they did not contact her after the shooting. Her father gave the photo in hopes that someone would recognize her and bring her home.

Bill Melugin, Fox reporter tweeted:

The father of 10-year-old Anabel Guadeloupe Rodriguez tells us that his daughter went missing after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uwald, Texas, where she is studying. He provided her with a photo of Texas Rngers. Many parents are going through this tonight. @FoxNews

It is also reported that Elijah Cruise Torres is missing. The fourth-grader’s grandfather told Fox News he was worried she had died.

Elijah Cruise Torres Fox News

Parents of other missing children are reportedly at a recreation center near Robb Elementary School awaiting information on the whereabouts of elementary school students.

How many across the country reacted to this tragic incident, President Biden told of the deadliest shooting at the school since Sandy Hooks and asked:

When, for God’s sake, will we stand up against the gun lobby? If, in the name of God, we do what we all know to do?

Speaking full of emotion, the president also said:

How many dozens of young children have witnessed what happened – seen their friends die, as if on the battlefield, for God’s sake?

Collaborators, we will keep you posted. Please continue to keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

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