PATCHOG, Long Island (WABC) – A non-governmental organization on Long Island on Wednesday handed out a free baby formula to help families struggling with mixture deficits across the country.

“We were happy with a lot of donations,” said Debbie Lösch of the Angels of Long Island in Patchog. “And we hope they keep coming.”

Louis and Gina Chisman of Sound Beach drove 30 minutes to get the mix for their 10-month-old son Matteo. Matthew was allergic to milk and the couple had a hard time finding a mixture for it.

“We’ve been trying with our pharmacy for over 3 months and we’ve got one bank,” Luis Chisman said.

“It’s not that he can have any type of formula,” Gina Chisman said.

Alice Marcana of Patchogue also came in after seeing a post on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

“I ran as soon as I saw it,” she said.
Marzana said her friends and family are looking for a formula every time they go to the grocery store.

“I have them all texting me,” she said.

White House spokeswoman Caryn Jean-Pierre told reporters on Wednesday that the White House was working 24/7 to address the shortage of baby formula.

She said the FDA is working closely with the infant formula industry to maximize manufacturing capabilities, including increasing manufacturers ’hours of operation, prioritizing the product lines that need it most, and accelerating FDA reviews to get more supplies.

Eyewitness news found that special jars and bottles of baby formula, especially for children with milk allergies, sell for more than $ 100 on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Doctors say parents should be careful when buying mixtures on these sites as they are not from authorized dealers.

They also advise parents not to dilute the mixture and not to try to prepare their own mixture.

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Mariana Courtwright of Central Islip came to Angels of Long Island on Wednesday because she had only one formula bank left. She said she has a father who drives a truck along the east coast and is looking for baby formula.

“If you see anything stop, grab it!” she said she was telling him. Christie Papas of Southern Setaket donated the formula Wednesday to the Long Island Angels.

She said it was left over from her baby. “I know how it is with a child – if they are not fed, it’s not good,” she said. – You know, mothers help mothers.

Lyosha said she would give the formula away while people donated it.

“As long as this shortage continues, we are happy that people are using it as a resource,” she said.

Angels of Long Island is located at 350 East Main Street Unit 23 in Patchogue. You can contact them by calling 631-803-6775.

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