TikTok is the best a place for viral hacks. With over 88 billion views under the hashtag lifehack on the app, it seems to be the most important place for girls to stay updated and stay on top of trends.


The latest hack to hit the innanet comes from gworlz who save their coins and buy elite designer copies.

If you have spent some time on TikTok you’ve seen users showcasing their designer finds from sites like DHGate, Aliexpress and more. Tiktok girls have found an affordable way to get through the last straw.

User @thebarbieari0 shares a video of her unboxing her copies of finds. One video, which now has 3.3 million views, features several items from Gucci, Jordan, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

“If they think they’re rich but it’s all from DH Gate,” they wrote in their video, which was posted in August 2022.

Another video showed a woman unboxing a DHGate Christian Dior replica purchased for $60. The actual price of the bag is $3,350.00 on the fashion label’s website.


There was a time when being caught with a ‘fake’, ‘fake’ or ‘copycat’ was socially unacceptable and could ruin one’s fashion credentials. Now this idea is not as shameful as it was years ago.

Why are they doing this?! Well, girls seem to be financially responsible.

Designer replicas are becoming more and more acceptable today generation z. There are thousands of YouTube and TikTok trends showcasing luxury fakes purchased at 90% off retail price.

Others believe you can’t tell the difference and the quality is just as good as the real thing.


The DhGate craze has sent parts of the world into a frenzy. While some are not ashamed of their game, others ask, “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Reaction from Twitter users shows another side of this inexpensive life hack.

#TeaMates so what’s the consensus – should designer dupes be used?!