America mourns the tragic Shooting at Rob Elementary School which took place Tuesday in Uwald, Texas. Messages from public figures and politicians the former president has been pouring in ever since Barack Obama there are among those who have spoken.

Hours after the mass shooting, Obama tweeted a series of statements. “Across the country, parents put their children to bed, read fairy tales, sing lullabies – and deep down they are worried about what might happen tomorrow after they take their children to school or take them to school. a grocery store or any other public place, ”he said wrote in one tweet. He is also said that he and the former first lady Michelle Obama grieve along with the affected families in Uwalde who “feel pain that no one should suffer”.

“We are also angry with them,” he said added in another tweet. “Almost ten years after Sandy Hook – and ten days after Buffalo – our country is paralyzed not by fear but by an armed lobby and a political party that have shown no willingness to act in any way to prevent these tragedies. “Gone are the days of action, of any action. And this is another tragedy – quieter but no less tragic – families are waiting for another day.”

Obama’s statements came almost ten years after he turned to the monstrous Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School during White House press conference in 2012. Twenty children and six adults were killed in the incident. This was reported by the New York Times that the shooting in Uwalde is considered the deadliest shooting in the school since Sandy Hook’s time. This is also the 27th shooting to be held at K-12 School in 2022.

On May 24, 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers at Rob Elementary School. Ramos too suspected of shooting grandmother before the school shooting. Authorities say she remains hospitalized in critical condition. Texas Public Security Lt. Chris Olivares told CNN that authorities have since identified all victims at the scene and notified their families. The shooting in Texas came after deaths in Fr. supermarket in Buffalo, New Yorkand a Taiwanese Church in Lagoon Woods, Californialess than two weeks ago.

If you want to help the families affected by the shooting of UwaldeGoFundMe created a a center of proven fundraising people can donate, and the city of Uwalde collects monetary donations to cover medical expenses. The Uwalde United Independent School District has also opened Rob Elementary Memorial Foundation.

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