Khaledon, New Jersey (WABC) – The bear was calmed and removed from a tree after he was stuck on it for several hours on Wednesday afternoon.

The News Copter 7 helicopter was located over the backyard of a house located at 45 East Haledon, where the bear was spotted detained in a tree.

It is a residential area without forests around, which has shocked many neighbors.

“It’s crazy because how did the bear get there? That’s what I want to know,” said neighbor Terry Rose. “She’s probably afraid of the people who are here, or the traffic.”

“It’s a real madness, from here we don’t even live around bears, I’ve never seen a bear, it’s the first time I’ve seen a bear,” neighbor Joseph Escobar said.

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Police on the scene monitored the bear and did not allow people from it until the arrival of the New Jersey Department of the Environment.

They waited for the bear to come down from the tree, and when it was gone, they calmed him down.

The sleeping bear, which is said to have been about 17 months old, was then identified. The plan is to release it into the woods in Passoy County.

Residents are reminded that they should tightly seal the garbage and not leave food on the street.

Although most bears do not attack humans when they hit a bear, it is recommended to make a lot of noise.

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