Image source: Getty / Dia Dipasupil

Prepare to swoon Benny Feldstein and her fiance Bonnie Chance Roberts, all over again because their engagement photos are here and they are the cutest. The couple’s adoration for each other shines through in the pictures, which Feldstein posted on Instagram on Oct. 6 with the caption, “Love of my life. Can’t wait for our wedding!!!!” In the beautiful photos taken by photographer Korbin Gurkin, the soon-to-be-married couple are dressed in white, holding hands and smiling happily.

Feldstein and Roberts announced their engagement Instagram on June 23, posting photos from Roberts’ proposal with the caption, “I do, Bon.” Roberts suggested p a unique custom designed ring in the backyard, decorated with pink and red flowers, and friends and family of the couple — including Feldstein’s brother Jonah Hill and best friend Ben Platt — were there to celebrate.

Feldstein and Roberts met back in 2018 when Feldstein was filming How to Build a Girl in the UK, where Roberts is from. Roberts produced the film, which was released in 2019. For most of 2020 and part of last year, the couple was physically separated due to COVID-19 quarantine rules, with Roberts stuck overseas, but they finally reunited in person in 2021.

Roberts also announced the news of their engagement on her Instagram Story with a photo of the proposal. She added The Beatles’ “She Loves You,” which is especially fitting since Roberts, like the band, hails from Liverpool.

Feldstein previously said Teenage fashion that she wasn’t a relationship person until she met Roberts. She explained: “It wasn’t something I thought about or wanted. Not to sound flippant, but I was in love with her and all of her, and she’s a woman… It doesn’t scare me or hold me back. it wasn’t just women in general; it was her in particular.”

Feldstein also opened up about her sexuality at the 2019 premiere Booksmart at SXSW. In the film, she plays the excited Molly who wants one night of wild partying Caitlin DeverAmy is a lesbian chasing a classmate she has a crush on. In accordance with Page sixsaid Feldstein during a panel discussion at the time: “It was absolutely essential for me to see this film. My partner is a woman. There’s a love scene between two girls and they’re messing with their sneakers and can’t get their jeans off. All these moments make me tear up because representation is really important.”

She added: “I think if I could have seen our film earlier, I would have found myself a little earlier.”