The social media industry is constantly evolving, with new key players joining the market every day in the form of websites, web extensions, and apps. If we start counting the names of social networks that exist around the world today, it would take hours to name them all. However, today we have something special social networking app with whom we want to introduce you.

Today we are going to discuss BeReal, a social media app that some of you may have already heard of. But in this BeReal review, we are going to discuss its individual features to know the app better. This social photo sharing app is designed to give your friends a glimpse of you. At random times, you will have two minutes to share an update on your profile.

We will talk about this and other features of BeReal later in this blog. So, stay with us till the end of this BeReal app review to know about it.

BeReal photo sharing app background

Former GoPro employee Alexis Bareyat has developed the best photo sharing app for social media enthusiasts. One of the leading social media apps, BeReal was originally released in 2020. Swift (iOS) and Koltin (Android) languages ​​were used to write the application. According to an In the report, BeReal secured almost 65% of its downloads in the first quarter of 2022. Also, most of his audience includes GenZ and Millenials.

Features of BeReal, the best social app

These numbers which we have discussed above show that this best social app has impressed a huge number of users. But to understand the reason for such impressive growth, we need to break down its main characteristics and understand them separately. These features will answer your questions like what is BeReal or how does BeReal work? So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. 2 minutes to share your life updates

the best social app

Every day at a random time, this best social media app will give you a popup asking you to share information about your life for 2 minutes. There is a timer that you will see on the screen. Additionally, the camera you use to capture your surroundings will also use the front-facing camera to capture your face.

2. The application notifies all friends at the same time

the best social media app

Another unique feature of this social network is that you and your friends are notified at the same time when you need to download messages. So you can all share your messages and instantly see what’s going on in your friends’ lives.

3. Allows comments and reactions to posts

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As with any other social media platform, you can leave comments and emoji reactions on posts you see. These comments and reactions will be visible to the recipient. You’ll also have the option to reply to your friends to turn comments into an entire chat.

4. Visit Nostalgia Street anytime

photo sharing app

Your memories are stored on the servers of this social photo sharing app, so you can go back in time and visit your memories at any time. These memories are encrypted and stored just for you to cherish later. That way, you can also have peace of mind about your privacy.

5. Find people on your public timeline

BeReal App Review

The public bar allows you to see public messages, and if you want, you can find people there to connect with. The best social app is designed in such a way to ensure that you get the best experience from this installation.

Pros and cons of the BeReal social media app

Well, talking about the features in this BeReal app review has made it clear why this app has gained so much popularity among the younger generation. However, it won’t be shocking news if the best photo sharing app comes with some cons. But to figure them out, we need to list all the pros first, and then focus on the cons. So, let’s get started!

Pros of the BeReal app

  • Huge community of users
  • Easy to use interface
  • Includes a map to find public posts
  • Allows comments and chats
  • Does not take anything

Cons of the BeReal app

  • Does not include filters
  • Not a suitable platform for influencers

Additional features of the BeReal photo sharing app

Additional features

MAD rating

Features – 4.7
Security – 4.4
Pricing – 4.8
Navigation – 4.6


Well, with all these features and other information, it’s time to wrap up this BeReal app review. However, for your reference, writing about this BeReal social network helped us understand the program better. And in a world where almost every other social media app actively promotes the idea of ​​becoming an influencer, BeReal is a welcome change for the average person.

Benefits like the ability to upload raw and unfiltered moments to get a glimpse of what your mates are up to make the app a perfect choice for people. You can check in on people you care about, show your connections snippets of your trips, and more at random times every day. So hopefully this BeReal review has helped you understand how BeReal is different from other popular social media platforms and why you should have it.

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