Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — A gasoline tanker overturned in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, spilling about 6,000 gallons of fuel, forcing about 1,000 people to evacuate their homes.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Officials told the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia WPVI the driver lost control near a curve and overturned.

Helicopter 6 over the scene of an overturned tanker and fuel spill in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on November 17, 2022.

Bethlehem police officers went door-to-door to evacuate everyone within a 1,000-meter radius of the disaster, This is reported by WFMZ-TV. According to estimates, it is about 400 houses.

Evacuees were taken to Nitschmann High School on Union Boulevard, where the Red Cross is providing assistance.

The Bethlehem School District says the high school will be open on a two-hour delay on Thursday.

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A message on the school’s Twitter account said: “Due to the fuel spill on the west side, the school is being used as a shelter for displaced families. Please stay for two hours to ensure our building is ready to function normally for students and staff and serve our community’s needs.”

WFMZ-TV reports that many of the evacuees have found family and friends to contact or are staying in hotel rooms.

Bethlehem police say the biggest concern is a possible fire or explosion. They also take into account the impact on the environment.

The driver of the tanker was taken to the hospital with injuries, his condition is not known.

Fire, EMS, UGI Energy Services and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection also responded to the scene.

The investigation into the causes of the crash continues.

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