President Joe Biden has spoken out against Florida spokesman Matt Goetz after a Republican stormed U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a congressional hearing and criticized the U.S. response to the crisis in Ukraine.

The president told the story a day later, speaking Wednesday at a national union conference.

«[Secretary Austin] actually looked at him and said, ‘What the hell do you think we did? Why do you think they are able to fight? We trained them and gave them weapons. That’s what’s happening. “

A Florida Republican beat Mr. Austin during a budget hearing on the House Armed Services Committee, accusing the U.S. military of failing key strategic assessments in Ukraine, Afghanistan and elsewhere because they accepted the “awakening.”

An ally of Trump has pressed a top defense leader on why French economist and writer Thomas Pickett delivered a lecture at the U.S. National Defense University entitled “China’s Response: Arguments for Global Justice and Democratic Socialism.”

“Why should American taxpayers fund lectures at the University of National Defense that promote socialism as a strategy to fight China?” He asked.

The Pentagon leader replied that he was unaware of the lecture and disagreed with its thesis, but said the NDU is an “academic” institution that accepts a variety of speakers.

The clash continued when Mr. Goetz claimed that this alleged “awakening” was due to a decline in U.S. military capabilities.

“Mr. Secretary, you told us that Russia cannot lose. You told us that the Taliban could not win immediately. And so I think I’m curious that of the $ 773 billion you’re asking for today, it will help you make accurate estimates based on so many failed calls, “Mr. Gayets said.

“I’m sorry you’re embarrassed by your country,” the retired general said before the battle began.

“Did it ever occur to you that Russia did not seize Ukraine because of what we and our allies did?” Mr. Austin added.

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