The President Joe Biden celebrates Transgender Visibility Day, celebrating prominent American transgender people and opposing what his administration calls “dangerous legislative attacks against transgender people” that have taken place in public homes across the country.

On Thursday, Biden announced new measures to make the federal government more inclusive for transgender people, including a new gender marker “X” in US passport applications starting April 11 and new Transport Safety Administration gender-neutral scanners.

The administration of the Presidential Democratic Party is working to increase the availability of the gender marker “X” for airlines and federal travel programs, and to make it easier for transgender people to change gender information in the records of the Social Security Administration.

Visitors to the White House will soon also be able to choose the “X” gender marker option in the White House staff and visitor login system, which is used to test the visitor survey of executives ’mansions.

“Transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment, and barriers to opportunity,” Biden wrote in a proclamation to date. “Last year, hundreds of bills against transgender people in the states were proposed across America, most targeting transgender children. The pressure continued this year. These bills are wrong. “

On Thursday, Biden also planned to publish a video message to transgender Americans.

“Danger!” champion Amy Schneiderfirst open transgender winner in quiz, to visit White House on Thursday to meet second gentleman Doug Emhof. Emhoff, along with Admiral Rachel Levin, Assistant Secretary of Health for the Department of Health and Human Services, will also interview transgender children and their parents at the White House.

In Florida, Education Minister Miguel Cardona will meet with LGBTQ + students following the adoption of a new state law that bans the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten until third grade. Republicans argue that parents should address these issues with their children. Democrats said the law demonizes LGBTQ people by excluding them from classroom lessons.

“Their conversation will focus on the implications of Florida’s so-called Don’t Tell Gays bill, students’ experiences at school and, in particular, support for the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ + students,” the White House said.

HHS, the White House said, will also be the first agency to hang a trans flag.

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