Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrice Callors recently made headlines for addressing her luxurious mansion purchase in Los Angeles. Now BLM tax documents show that her brother and father of the child paid the donated money.

According to AP News, Callars used the donated funds to pay his brother $ 840,000 for “professional security services.” This was announced by Secretary of the Board Shalomaya Bowers Associated Press that Paul Callour’s company was hired because the group felt that its protection could not be entrusted to former police officers.

She also paid more than $ 969,000 to Trap Hills LLC. Damon Turner, who gave birth to a child from Callor, founded the company. For this money he provided services for live events and media production.

It is reported that in the tax documentation Callars is listed as “uncompensated” after his resignation last year. The co-founder actually reimbursed the organization. $ 73,523 for a charter flight for fund-related travel. The organization says it adopted 2021 because of concerns about COVID-19 and security threats.

She also paid the fund $ 390 for two private events held at their mansion in Los Angeles. The foundation also spent nearly $ 140,000 on severance pay for the former head.

BLM paid $ 26 million to local branches and foundations

Documents show that Black Lives Matter has paid nearly $ 26 million in grants to organizations, local offices and families. This included contributions of $ 2.3 million to the non-profit Living Through Giving Foundation, $ 1.4 million to the fund The Michael O. D. Brown Foundation “We Love Our Sons and Daughters”.and $ 200,000 to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

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