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Bowen Young’s stellar power is constantly growing. Ever since going down in history as the first Sino-American cast join “Saturday night liveIn 2019, the comedian starred in several shows and films, including “Girls5eva”, “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens” and “The Lost City”, in addition to a podcast series written by “Hot White Heist”. however, preparing to become an important moment in your career.

This June Emmy nominee will decorate screens in the role of Howie Hulu “Island of Fire”, a gay rom com who modernizes Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. The film not only provides the necessary queer representation on the screen, which boasts an entirely LGBTQ + lead cast, but it also gave Ian the opportunity to work with longtime best friend Joel Kim Booster, who wrote the screenplay and starred in the film. The experience could only be described as surreal, says Jan POPSUGAR during an interview Absolut Out & Openwhich aims to increase LBGTQ + bars amid rising closures.

“This project is his little kid, and I’m excited to be with him,” says Ian of working with Booster on Fire Island. “The fact that he even thought of including me in it is just so surreal. I mean, we used to come together to the basement of the bar, or we didn’t see each other for weeks, but then we saw each other on the show and I feel so lucky when he was next to me ”.

Bowen Young and Joel Kim Booster in Hulu's "Fire Island"
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As it turned out, their friendship is more likely due to fate than just luck. Almost ten years ago, a comedian from Chicago, where Booster lived at the time, practically tied them up rather indecently. “This comedian, who was not Asian, put us in this chat on Facebook and said, ‘You have to meet each other because you’re both Asian comedians.’ And immediately felt: “Okay, it’s awkward. I do not know how to do it,” – recalls Ian. “We were both a little wary of one at first just because of that context.” About a year later, they met in person when Ian ordered Booster for one of his comedy shows in New York, and their relationship seemed “cosmically” predestined.

“There was something so fateful about meeting him.”

“I feel like I saw stellar rain when we first met,” Ian says. “In the end, there was something so fateful that it all melted away. We thought, “Oh, good. It doesn’t even matter what the origin story is; we found each other. That will mean something. ‘ We were able to surpass this moment for each other. “

For Ian, performing with Booster in “Fire Island” was equivalent to having a built-in soundboard and a cheerleader at hand all the time. “We were able to be vulnerable to each other, like,‘ Hey, am I doing this right? ’” He says. “I think in many of these situations you keep falling into self-doubt. I wouldn’t tell anyone, but do you feel weird about it? ‘”

Booster is just one of Young’s many sources of comfort. The Australian-born star also names BW Wong’s “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens” partner and “Las Culturistas” lead podcast Matt Rogers as longtime proxies. “The peculiarity of the queer community is that you have a special hybrid relationship with these people, if of course you look at them, of course you worship them as long as you were conscious, but once you meet them on the authentic level, you realize it’s a lot more nuanced than that, ”he says.“ There are all these people who have just made some small indentation in the form of how people perceive amazing people. ”

In particular, Wong once uttered a few wise words that stuck with Yang – the wisdom of the slow progress of the entertainment industry with highlighting LGBTQ + talents and stories on screen. With more than 30 years of acting experience behind him, Wong has sat at the forefront of the improvements made in recent decades, and realizes it’s not easy.

“BD always says that the reason that change is happening so slowly is that it was not inevitable,” says Jan POPSUGAR. “Change is not always inevitable; this is what development paths need to be built. In order for more LGBTQ people to find themselves in entertainment, you need to make sure that people can touch the tent poles along the way so you can ensure their success over time .I feel that [Wong] there was someone who planted so many of these pillars for tents. “

Despite the upward trajectory of his career, Ian jokes that is about to change after “Fire Island” comes out on Hulu on June 3rd. “This is one of my first impressions of a feature film, and I feel that things will get worse now,” he told POPSUGAR. “Not downhill, but I appreciate this moment in terms of the fact that it gives me the context of what a set might be like, so hopefully if I can do that in the future, regardless of the cast or the cast, I know how to present the best case scenario and get as close to it as possible ”.

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