Now you will know everyone and their mom had something to say after it turned out Jack Harlow recently learned this Brandy and Ray J. are brothers and sisters. Even Brandi shared a few words about the situation. Now Brandi spent the block and came back to say something else when she dropped a few bars over the rhythm of Jack’s last single.

How before reported during an appearance on Hot 97’s «Ebro in the morning”, Jack was asked a few little things that challenged his knowledge of music, and when asked to identify Brandi based on her song“ Angel in Disguise ”, he failed. He was then given some clues to help him, one of which was Ray J., but he did not know that Brandy was Ray J.’s sister.

However, after they started talking on social media, Brandi responded jokingly and said:

Despite the fact that she was joking, she kept her promise and jumped into the rhythm of Jack’s latest single “First Class”.

The premiere of the freestyle took place “Ebro in the morning“Wednesday. It was known in the track that although Brandy is called a ‘vocal bible,’ she definitely has these bars too.

Twitter responds to Brandy’s freestyle “First Class”.

Jack didn’t talk about Brandy’s bar through his punch, but you know people on Twitter definitely connected. Check out what they said below.

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