Alexa, play “Forever” by Lil Mo! Today was such an eventful day for Soup St. and her male Razor! As the couple celebrated their anniversary, Ray planned a day full of surprises before popping up the big question in such a beautiful way.

Soup looked to her fans at the all-white outfit Ray had picked up for her, and although it was a bomb, she couldn’t keep up. However, she did not let the rain on her parade. The businesswoman and social media star looked stunning in her Fendi outfit, enjoying a ride on a New Orleans streetcar filled with photos of the couple hanging from the ceiling. Although she was surprised and pleased with Ray’s gesture, her best friend, Bee Marie, captured the biggest moment, the proposal.

While elsewhere, Soupa opened the door and fell to her knees in tears when she saw Ray standing in front of large white letters that read, “Follow me.” Crayon Case CEO was so overwhelmed with emotion before finally saying so! They always pamper each other with generous gifts, so it’s no wonder Ray gave Supa a stunning wedding ring with an eleven-carat diamond!

Thousands of roommates showered the couple with good wishes, which was a completely different tune than before. As we reported earlier, Soup surprised Ray with earth as a gift for the anniversary. She signed the post: “I can’t express how grateful I am for that. When you bought this house six months ago and added me to the title. I knew you wanted longevity and happiness with me. Here is a gift that continues to give! This land is for YOU! I also have additional floor plans. ”

We wish Supa Cent & Rayzor a lot of love and happiness and can’t wait to see their marriage! Congratulations!

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