Focus on Anthony Bridgeton and Kate Sharma in the second season “Bridgeton“and we are already looking forward to the next part of the epic romantic series Netflix. Back in early 2021, just a few weeks after the announcement update the second season of the showNetflix took “Bridgeton” for the third and fourth seasons. This means that while we are still going through the second season, we can also spend some time paying attention to his siblings who will soon be leading in their seasons.

Third season “Bridgeton“probably won’t beautify our screens for a few more months. But thanks to what we already know from Netflix (and from A series of books by Julia Quinn Bridgeton), we have some ideas of what we can expect to see.

On May 16, Netflix shared the main news about the plot of the new season. The streamer confirmed that third season will tell Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope (Nicola Caflan) history. If the series had gone in the order of the books, the third season would have been after the second older brother Benedict, but Netflix decided to adapt the plot of the fourth book, “Romantic gentleman Bridgeton“instead.

I feel that when you see Penelope get along with this boy for another season, you’ll say, “Get going! Come on, go ahead and get over it, ”Kaflan said Tudum from Netflix. “[‘Bridgerton’ season three showrunner Jess Brownell] talked to Luke and I over the course of the season and I think people will be really obsessed. I think book lovers will be happy. “

The news came days after Netflix did amazing message that on May 12 he reworked the role of Francesca Bridgeton, Bridgeton’s sixth child and Bridgeton’s third daughter. He wrote on Twitter: “Hannah Dodd (“Anatomy of a Scandal”) will play the role of Francesca Bridgeton in the 3rd season. She takes on the role of Ruby Stokes, who moves on to a role in the Netflix movie “Lockwood & Co”. Can’t wait to welcome Khan into the family. ”

Keep reading everything we know about Bridgeton’s long-awaited third season.

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