Businesses affected by Hurricane Jan face many obstacles before they can open their doors to customers. If it seems like 5th Avenue in Naples is back in business, it’s because restaurants are open, but most shops are still closed.

“We’re very busy … very busy,” Daniel Seku said of SD Flooring LLC.

Well, they are very busy trying to get the businesses on 5th Avenue back up and running. Some business owners have decided to take matters into their own hands.

“The reality is, I’m a co-owner, we’re rolling up our sleeves and we go in and he rips out the drywall,” said Anne Rasmussen, owner of Health & Wealth.

Rasmussen said mold was growing two days after Jan.

“We tore out all the walls up to 2 feet high, tore out all the floors, you can see there’s tradesmen here, they’ve put in drywall, they’re putting in the floor today. I couldn’t find anyone to come paint, so life as a business owner, I’ve seen patients all day today and here I am painting,” Rasmussen said.

Seku saw water-damaged floors up and down 5th Avenue.

“Laminate flooring, vinyl flooring next door, tile flooring at the store next door, so we try to help everybody,” Seku said.

Rasmussen was busy painting Monday afternoon, but she told WINK News that many of the shops in the area are owned by Loals. She hopes that when everyone reopens, the community will come back to support them.