The stench comes from algae in one part of southwest Florida. And now this smell is affecting business and fisheries.

Callus Waterkeeper equips you with what you need to know about this algae.

Unattractive, but algae are too common at this time of year. And if appearance is one thing, smell is something else entirely.

Calusa water conservationist John Cassani says macroalgae are appearing all over Matlach. He describes it as green grass over water. “The most obvious visual mats of these algae or these floating mats. They just look like vomiting in water. It’s just a unified environment, “Kasani said.

This is not the kind that no one wants, and fishermen want to test no water. Doug Ruth with bait D&D Bait Matlacha bait and tackle shop says algae rise while they try to fish. “You’re going to fish and stuff, so every throw is when your throw gets into these big grassy balls, or your line gets caught and gets stuck in the grass and stuff,” Ruth said.

Salk Forest is a fisherman. “Charter captains and all these other businesses will lose business if customers don’t want to come here for fishing,” Salk said.

Returning to the D&D bait store, they say their biggest concerns are the environment and fish.

“This opportunity appears every year and I think it’s deep in our minds. God forbid it should happen, ”Ruth said.

“When things come to the surface and start to decompose, it creates a horrible horrible smell that you will never forget once you feel it. It’s really awful, ”Kasani said.

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