The Englewood man was put into hospice care two weeks before Ian was hit, and is now suffering from the loss of his home.

The mobile home is owned by Bill and Colleen Beveridge, who have been together for 25 years.

“I was diagnosed with less than six months to live, and that was almost three months ago, and hopefully I’ll prove them wrong,” Bill said.

Colleen said Bill needs care and it’s hard to try to provide it right now.

“I constantly have moments where I have to go away and cry, I don’t want him to see me all upset. Now I’m more or less going to watch him die,” said Colleen.

The couple did lose most of their belongings, but they’re not quite ready to let go of the house just yet.

“We will fix it, we will try to see what will be allowed. We don’t want to go anywhere,” said Colleen.

The house has been in Bill and Colleen’s family for 50 years, but they may have to live elsewhere until it is rebuilt.

“It’s a battle, that’s for sure. “Maybe we’ll have to go and get a van or something,” Bill said.

Colleen said they had money and were going to buy a van to make things easier for Bill.

“Keep your chin up, keep your hope up and pray we get through this,” Bill said.

Bill said he’s thankful he and Colleen evacuated before the hurricane, and he’s happy to be with her in its aftermath.