According to a review published online April 28 in the journal Biomarkers Candidates for the progression of psoriasis. British Journal of Dermatology.

Ravi Ramessoor, BMBS, of King’s College London, and his colleagues conducted a systematic review of relevant articles published between 1990 and December 2021 to identify and catalog candidates for biomarkers disease progression with psoriasis. Data were included from 181 studies, most of which investigated genomic or proteomic biomarkers related to disease severity or psoriatic arthritis (145 and 30 respectively).

Researchers have identified candidates for genomic, proteomic and metabolic biomarkers with future potential usefulness for prediction severity of the diseaseincluding LCE3D, interleukin (IL) 23R, I.L23A, NFKBIL1 loci, and HLA-C * 06: 02 (genomic); IL-17A, immunoglobulin G aHDL, GlycA, I-FABP and kallikrein 8 (proteomic); and tyramine (metabolic). genomic (HLAC * 06: 02, HLA-B * 27, HLA-B * 38, HLA-B * 08and variation on IL23R and IL13 loci), proteomic (IL-17A, CXCL10, protein binding Mac-2, Integrin b5, MMP-3 and M-CSF) and metabolic (tyramine and mucic acid) biomarkers have also been identified for psoriatic arthritis. Variation in IL12B and IL23R loci were genomic biomarkers identified for type 2 diabetes with psoriasis.

“From the different range of types and results of biomarkers considered in the included studies, we identify candidates for biomarkers (10 genomic, 10 proteomic and two metabolic), but note that none has sufficient evidence for clinical use without further examination,” – write authors.

Several authors have disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

The level of two markers in the blood can help determine the heart health of people with skin conditions

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