Residents in Cape Coral are frustrated after Sunday’s storm knocked out power again after some only had it for a short time.

But there’s a lot more at stake for the Moore family, because they had a baby girl shortly before Ian got to Florida.

As of Monday afternoon, LCEC says more than 8,300 customers are still without power in Cape Coral and 4,300 in North Fort Myers.

Jennifer Moore’s newborn daughter Zoe is a real miracle for Jennifer.

“She’s healthy and perfect,” Jennifer said. “She’s beautiful, I love her.”

Zoe was born on September 28 as Ian continued his march toward southwest Florida.

“Thank God it didn’t happen later that night because we would have been stuck here at the house and my dad probably would have picked her up,” Jennifer said.

Zoe’s bright smile was the best source of light for Jennifer and her husband since Ian. Husband and wife remained without electricity for 12 days.

“She starts crying and we have to turn on the light to see what’s going on,” Jennifer said. “But her temperature is difficult to regulate; it’s either very hot or very cold… my patience is running out.’

Jennifer hung LCEC signs outside their house trying to get their attention to turn on the lights.

“It’s been almost two weeks and the trucks, we saw them here last night and then of course there was a big storm so they left,” Jennifer said.

And while WINK News interviewed Jennifer, her strength returned. She and her neighbors screamed with joy.