The city of Cape Coral continues to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian.

During a press conference Sunday, city officials asked residents to conserve water until further notice while the city repairs its water and sewer systems. The city is under a boil water advisory.

City officials say if you see leaking pipes, water bubbling out of manholes or other water problems, you can call 311 and report it to help the city find out what the problem is.

LCEC reports that between 4,500 and 5,000 Cape Coral residents have had power restored. LCEC CEO says they plan to restore 95% of electricity in the city by October 8th. LCEC says it is working with FPL to get supplies like power poles.

Another 1,000 crews in the city are helping to restore power by the end of the week, according to LCEC.

Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter thanked everyone who came to town to help with the cleanup and recovery process.

As for water restoration, city officials say the water and sewer systems are approximately 75% restored, and they expect to be 100% restored in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Cape Coral is asking residents to remove their storm shutters now that the storm has passed so that emergency crews and first responders can easily access the home if needed.

Residents who clean their yards and houses are asked to break the garbage into three piles, stacking it by the curb. The city asks to divide them into household, construction and appliance. City officials say crews will pick up trash as often as possible.

According to the city authorities, normal garbage collection has also resumed. They say Waste Pro doesn’t do gardening or recycling right now.

If you want to help with the cleanup process in Cape Coral, you can visit city ​​website to find out how you can help.

The city knows the lines for food and gas are long right now, but they say things will get better every day. They’re asking anyone who doesn’t need to hit the road and doesn’t need supplies to wait if they can.

You can find more information about Hurricane Ian resources at any fire station in Cape Coral. The city says there will be flyers with information about the resources.

You can watch a replay of the update from Cape Coral by clicking here or in the post below.