Wow you! Drama between YouTubers Charleston White, TI and King Harris it’s getting thick! Charleston took to Instagram Live to say he flagged the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis to alert them to the video of King threatening him. “I want to put his (TI’s) son in jail,” Charleston said.

In a recent video, before King threatened the Texas native, he called him an a***. “Man, we’re going to scream your a*s when you come back here. I see you had a soft upbringing, he said. The drama does not end there. TI also came to his son’s defense by calling out Charleston. He told the YouTuber to talk to him directly.

“I don’t do gangster shit. I am a father, I am a businessman and I am a leader. So, at the end of the day, if you have something to say about me and me, come to me. Whatever you have to say about me, come to me,” said T.I. He added: “Keep the names of my mutha*****g kids out of your mutha*****g mouths until something bad happens.” The King of the South made it clear that he did not threaten Charleston, but was adamant that people should not play with their children. “People will die for their children and people are willing to go to jail for their children. Stop. This is an offer. Please stop.”

Charleston has been active in the coverage of King since his recent arrest in September. If you recall, he was arrested and charged with four counts during the traffic stop. Recently, Charleston also spoke negatively about Boosie’s son, Tootie Rau. He spoke in one breath about King’s arrest and appearance, which was the cause of the drama. TI went into The Shade Room and said he tried to talk to Charleston but it didn’t happen.

Neighbors, what do you think about this?